His Holiness 1008 Sri Sugunendra Theertha Swamiji


His Holiness 1008 Sri Sri Sugunendra Theertha Swamiji, Pontiff of Jagadguru Sri Madhwaachaarya Moola Mahaa Samsthaanam. Srimadupendra Theertha Peetham. Sri Puthige Matha, Udupi. India is a visionary and modern thinker steep in tradition. His Holiness took “Sanyas (renouncing worldly pleasures in exchange for service to mankind and Almighty) at the age of twelve.

A “moving encyclopedia” of Indian philosophy and religious texts, His Holiness has been a promoter and teacher of non-violence. For him religion is a tremendous source of knowledge which can be used positively to overcome violence or terrorism.

His Holiness, says has a clear vision and can show path for world peace. Besides being a leader of ancient Hindu philosophy, His Holiness has taken up the much needed mission- ecology and environment protection, as a part of His ascetic life. Even today He is busy distributing saplings for the growth of forest wealth. He has a target distributing 10 million saplings in the coming years.

In addition to the multifarious activities. His Holiness is the International President of World Conference of Religions for Peace, (WCRP) New York. His Holiness has been constantly delivering inspiring and enlightening discourses across the world to propagate universal brotherhood and world peace.

Being a Hindu spiritual leader and torch bearer of Dwaitha School of Philosophy, an harbinger of world peace from India, His Holiness is the 30th pontiff in the 750 years old illustrious and everlasting Indian Vedic traditional lineage of Jagadguru Sri Madhwaachaarya, who profounded the Dwaitha School of philosophy in the 12th century A.D.

An erudite scholar, writer and orator, His Holiness has always been in the service of mankind and His multidimensional service activities are widespread across the globe.

His Holiness is having many branches for His Matha and one of them is very attractive at Puthige. On the banks of Suvarna river, near Udupi where Lord Ganapati appeared in the Pillar about 500 years ago and has been ever since fulfilling aspirations of the devotees.

Geetha Mandir

As per wishes of His Holiness, five lakhs devotees, the world over wrote Bhagavad Geetha, a boost to international world peace. To commemorate this historical and unique programme. His Holiness has constructed the Geetha Mandir at the divine place of Lord Sri Krishna at Udupi.

The foundation stone for the monument for propagation and research of Bhagavad geetha was laid by H. E. Dr. S. D. Sharma, the President of India, and inaugurated by H. M. Sri Birendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev. the King of Nepal. This Geetha Mandir has become famous place for devotees and visitors.

Pranaprathista installation of a monolithic, 48 feet height Idol of Lord Hanuman performed by His Holiness at Airport Road. in New Delhi has become popular as “Sankashtahara Hanuman Mandir” in the capital city.

An exciting spiritual education is the potential weapon to preserve and propagate world peace and friendship. His Holiness is seen teaching higher vedantha scriptures Vedas, Upanishads, Brahmasutras, Nyayasudha, Tarka, Meemamsa. Astrology, etc.., at monastery at Puthige. His Holiness is continuing the ancient tradition of India in which the education means the absolute blessing of Guru.

His Holiness has traveled various countries world wide and delivered discourses at Arizona State University, Hindu University at Orlando Florida. Arsha Vidya Gurukulam Stoutsburg, Stanford University of California Hindu University at Nairobi and Other Universities. The thrust is always on international understanding and world peace.

His Holiness feels spirituality should guide the polity, in turn, polity should support spirituality. He is practicing this by inspiring the governance and heading various Institutions.

His Holiness feels spirituality should guide the polity, in turn, polity should support spirituality. He is practicing this by inspiring the governance and heading various Institutions.

Swamiji Photo 2Always the message of His Holiness is spirituality is the driving spirit for all rituals. “If one tries to delete the spirituality from his life then his actions will be diluted.” His Holiness has delivered several speeches on Philosophy, Each of which teaches how to reach the beach of knowledge.

The universal brotherhood is better understood and appreciated when we feel the presence of Almighty in every creature in the creation. Therefore, it calls for mutual respect and concern among living beings beyond frontiers. This is the cardinal underlying principle of all the holy scriptures of the world.

One has to look far beyond the horizon to understand the secrets of life namely the Atma (soul) and Paramatma (Almighty) which are Eternal, indestructible and realizable only through the study of scriptures. The physical body is the abode of Lord who is present in every being in the same quality and quantity and hence there is no base for hatred and terrorism.

His Holiness is spreading the message of Bhagavad Geetha and also as said in other Scriptures which sheds light on duty and righteousness. The truth and non-violence are the edifice of world peace and prosperity.

The favourite message of His Holiness is … “Be a Bee on religions, religion is beyond regionalism”.

Institutions serving the mankind established, guided and blessed by His Holiness

His Holiness is the Head of 35 Religious and Spiritual Institutions in India and abroad.
Founded “SUVEDA” the Society for Universal Vedic Education and Dharmic Accommodation which supports Veda Samskrutha Pathashalas at the four holy places of four corners of India – Rameshwar. Dwaraka. Rudraprayaga and Badarinath.
Founded Suguna Educational Trust which publishes books on religion and culture and 2 periodicals Suguna Maalaa and Suguna Digest.
Founder President of Sri Sudheendra Trust & Badarika Trust, Bangalore.
Founder President of Sujnana Religious and Charitable Foundation, California.
Founded Sujnana Religious and Charitable Trust, Udupi. Founded the Sripoorna Charitable Trust, Kolkata.
Swamiji youngFounded Prajna International School Foundation. Udupi. Founded Sri Puthige Vidya Peetha at Puthige.
Founder Trustee of Adarsha Gurukula Educational Trust. President of Adarsha Education Trust. Bangalore.
Founded Sri Krishna Brindavan, Iselain, New Jersey. Founder President, Balaji Bhavan, Phoenix, Arizona.
Hereditary Trustee to S. M. S. P Sanskrit College. Udupi.
Sponsored G. R. Alternative Power System to ensure supply of eco friendly and quality power to combat conventional energy crises for the benefit of industries and agriculture.
Founded Vishwa Madhwa Sangha an internet based world -wide organisation USA for World-wide propagation of spirituality.
Accomplishments :
He is the Youngest to adorn the coveted Paryaya throne in the 750 years old Institution of world famous Sri Krishna Temple at Udupi.
Inaugurated & Guided All Religion conferences and historic world Philosophers’ meet at Pune in 1990 at a very tender age.
Benediction at the World Hindu Conference held at Khatmandu. Nepal in due recognition of pre-eminence in the firmament of international understanding called upon to pronounce.
Honoured by presenting key of the city by the Governor of Edmond City of Oklahoma. U.S.A.
Felicitated by declaring the day of His Holiness arrival as ‘Sri Sri Sugunendra Theertha Day’ by the Governor of Edmond City of Oklahoma. U. S. A.
Managing Trustee of Sri Anantheshwara Temple which is 5000 years old at Udupi.
Founder Trustee of the Karnataka Vanasamvardhana Trust which plants one crore saplings every year to restore lost forest cover to maintain ecological balance.

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His Holiness 1008 Sri Sri Sugunendra Theertha Swamiji
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