The presiding deity in the Temple is Udupi Sri Gopala Krishna.  While Sri MahaLakshmi is worshipped as she grants us all our wishes and leads us to jnana-marga, for successful completion of any task, it is imperative to get the Grace of Sri Maha Ganapathi.  In line with the teachings of Dwaitha philosophy  – “Hari sarvottamatva – Vayu jeevottamathva”, we worship Mukhyapraana, a deity in the form of Sri Hanuman. In this kali yuga, millions of devotees continue to get the blessings of the kalpataru Sri Raghavendra swamy whose mruthika brundavana is kept and worshiped here. A detailed history and proceedings at the temple are described in About the Temple page.

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Swamiji Raghavendra Hanuman Mahalakshmi Ganapathi Krishna