Sri Mahalakshmi

Lakshmi Idol

The knowledge of all Jeevas (souls) is covered by Ajnana. The Ajnana is present from the infinite past called Maya. Maya is the cause for Jeevas being in Samsara. Ajnana of the Jeevas make it very hard to see the real goals of life and cause them to repeatedly take birth to settle the past deeds.

The basic knowledge gained from senses is common in all kind of Jeevas. This human life is the only unique and auspicious chance, with the possibility of seeking God-Knowledge.

The priority of the human life is to seek knowledge along with our basic life duties. To reach our goal, overcoming all obstacles, with happy life we have to receive Blessings of MahaLakshmi, Mother of the Universe.

The compassionate Lord NaaraayaNa has given us this human life with all facilities. Under His Supreme-Will, Sri MahaLakshmi grants us all our wishes and leads us to jnana-marga because, the thriguNaas (Satwa, Rajas, Tamas) the root cause for ajnana and Samsaara, are in Her control.

Lakshmi PhotoBy the Will of the Lord, Sri MahaLakshmi incarnates in three main roopas – Shree, Bhoo, and Durga, the controlling deities of Satwa, Rajas, and Tamo guNaas. Tamo guNa is the instigator for all sinful activities and ajnana. To be free from ajnana and all difficulties from our sins, we have to pray to Sri MahaLakshmi in Durga Roopa and the Supreme Lord in Her.