Sri Mukhyaprana (Hanuman)

Hanuman Idol

Once there was a discussion among the gods. Each one was proud and thinking high considering to be superior to the other. There was competition as to who is more powerful. Then Suryadeva (Sun) and Chandra (Moon) showed their might. The whole atmosphere became pitch dark. Nobody could see each other and the darkness was frightening. One by one, somehow got out of the discussion. There was no sound and each one however showed their prowess.

Finally Vayudeva (the god of air) became silent. Then the whole world became suffocated and lifeless. No one could breath. Only when Vayudeva withdrew his silence, they started breathing. Everyone became active and lively. They realized the greatness of Vayudeva. This is the reason Vedas proclaim Vayudeva as Mukhyaprana (primary importance of life). He is the cause of action by each person as per one’s Karma .He is the karma-preraka of everyone. Also he conveys the good and bad deeds(karma) of each individual to the supreme god – Sri Krishna Paramathma.

As per the command of the Supreme (Bhagavan) and at the request of all gods, Mukyaprana came in three incarnations (avatars) to lead the world as a Marga Darshaka (guide), and the to uplift the worlds. This has been illustrated in Rigveda. Mukyaprana guides everyone and not only uplifts and protects everyone, but also shows the road to bhakti (devotion) in each of his three avatars. His own bhakti to the Supreme being is a model to others.

Hanuman PhotoAs a guide to Bhakti Marga his first avatar is Hanumantha (Hanuman), the greatest devotee and servant of Sri Rama. As a ardent devotee of Sri Rama, he has been a great example of devotion, honesty, bhakti, unfailing duty to the Lord. His devotion is as big as the Meru Parvatha (the biggest mountain). Even now in Ramayana recital a great part is devoted to the glorification of bhakti of Hanuman.