Sri Mahaganapathi

Ganapathi Idol

In this present age of Kaliyuga, when someone wants to perform any good deed, there are many evil forces that are keen on preventing it. Even before one begins any good act, one has to face many obstacles. Hence, in this day and age, it is paramount to worship Lord Ganapathi, the remover of all obstacles, with utmost devotion and sincerity to ward off all obstacles and also obtain success through His Grace.

By the Grace of GOD ALMIGHTY, Sri Maha Ganapathi is the sustainer of the SPACE (Akasha) that is infinite. Hence he is considered as “Abhimani Devatha” of boundless SPACE. Akasha is the place where the VEDAS (the ultimate Knowledge), are eternally present as vibrations. This very AKASHA is the embodiment of sound and medium of vibration. Just as the TIME is Eternal, the Vedas are also considered as Eternal. Sri Maha Ganapathi who is the Abhimani Devatha for this space that is infinite and eternal, where the Vedas are ever present, is considered as the “Vidya Devatha” or the God of Knowledge. For those who are seeking knowledge of any kind, it is imperative to worship, pray and offer obeisance to Sri Maha Ganapathi to get his blessings. Only with His Grace, a seeker will acquire knowledge overcoming all impediments.

Ganapathi PhotoIn addition, all the events that take place within this Akasha (or embodied space) are proximate to and sheltered by it. Therefore, Sri Maha Ganapathi controls everything that occurs within this space. Thus, for successful completion of any task, it is imperative to get the Grace of Sri Maha Ganapathi.

If one worships Maha Ganapathi before beginning a new venture, success is assured. Not only is Sri Maha Ganapathi worshiped as the ‘Remover of obstacles’ but He is considered as the ‘Creator of obstacles’ for those who attempt to do bad or evil things. Because of such great virtues He is called as “Vighneshvara” (Remover of all impediments) and “Siddhi Vinayaka” (assuror of Success).