Food Preparation

We prepare and provide a wide variety of South Indian vegetarian delicacies, on the basis of a pre-specified donation to the temple.  If you are ordering food for a function outside the temple, you need to pick up the food.

We also provide the temple hall for conducting various religious or family functions like pooja, wedding, birthday, baby shower, etc., on a donation-basis as well.  No outside food is allowed for the functions conducted in the temple hall.

Please contact the priest for more details about the charges for this service.  All the proceeds go towards donation to the temple for daily expenses and development purposes.

The following list provides you an idea of what items can be ordered.  This is not the complete list.  You may customize the items in your order while discussing with the priest.

  • Individual Breakfast Items such as Idly, Vada, Pongal, Upma, Kesari Bhath, Bonda, Bajji, various chutneys, sambar, coffee, tea.
  • Breakfast/Tiffin Packages including selected items listed on the previous line.
  • Individual Lunch or Dinner Items such as Kosambri, Rasam/Saaru, Sambar/Huli, Palya, White Rice, Majjige (butter milk), Papad, Pickle.
  • Sweets and Savories such as Barfi, Laddu, Holige, Jilebi, Mysore Pak, Halwa, Hyagriva, various payasa’s, mixture.
  • Lunch or Dinner Packages including selected items listed on the previous lines.
  • Large individual orders of side dishes such as various vegetable curries, Gojju, Huli, Avial, Kootu, Sambar, Bisi Bele Bath, Pulao, Lemon Rice, Puliyogre, Vangi Bath, Coconut Rice, Curd Rice.